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6 in. Leg Spacing

Suitable for use in 2x2 fixtures common in offices, lobbies, and other areas, these U-bend tubes last longer and use less energy than their fluorescent counterparts. Available in direct wire or plug-and-play installation options, some LED U-bend tubes with 6-inch spacing have a shatter-resistant coating the meets NSF requirements for food service. They may also be dimmable when paired with compatible dimmers. DLC listed tubes may qualify for state or local rebates, providing you with additional savings.

Direct Wire

Operating without a ballast, direct wire LED U-bend tubes remove a potential failure point from your fixture. The ballast must be removed and the existing sockets replaced with non-shunted lamp holders during installation. This helps further reduce operating costs by eliminating ballast compatibility issues and maintenance costs.

Plug and Play

Designed to work with an existing compatible ballast, plug and play LED U-bend tubes are a good choice if you want to avoid rewiring the fixture. These LED U-bend tubes simply plug into the existing sockets once the old fluorescent U-bend lamp is removed. You will need to check the ballast compatibility PDF hyperlinked under Brochures and Spec Sheets to see if your ballast's part number is listed. Keep in mind that once the ballast fails, you will need to switch to a direct wire tube if you don't replace the ballast.

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