Grow Light Ballasts

Grow Light Ballasts

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HID Digital and Magnetic Ballasts


Our industry-leading Hydrofarm HID ballasts are guaranteed to provide your grow lights with the perfect voltage supply. We offer Digital/Electronic Ballasts, HPS Ballasts, and MH/HPS Switchable Ballasts. We also offer a small collection of Ballast Accessories, which mostly consists of power and connector cords.

Sunlight Supply

Our Sunlight Supply digital HID ballasts will ensure your grow lights meet or exceed their rated lifetimes. We offer versatile options that use anywhere from 400 to 1000 watts.


Our UltraGrow HID ballasts will provide your grow with consistent, even lighting. We offer Digital/Electronic Ballasts and MH/HPS Switchable Ballasts, as well as a section for Ballast Accessories, which currently consists of adapters for other systems.

Flip Flop Boxes

Flip Flop Boxes allow you to use an additional reflector and bulb for each ballast in your hydroponic system. Expand your growing area without having to increase power requirements or purchase additional ballasts!