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Grow Light Reflectors and Hoods

Grow Light Reflectors

Designed for use with high pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) grow lights, grow light reflectors are a must for any grow room. Grow light hoods use reflective materials to direct the omni-directional light of grow bulbs down towards your plants, reducing the amount of light lost. Grow light hoods can be used by any level of gardener, from beginners to experts. For compact fluorescent (CFL) grow lights, you will need to use a specially designed CFL reflector.

Types of Grow Light Hoods

Air cooled grow light reflectors are sealed off so that they can be directly attached to a separate cooling system. The cooling system ducts the heat out of the fixture so that the humidity of the grow room is not affected. These hood reflectors are sealed with a glass lens and can be used in grow rooms, grow tents, or other enclosed spaces. Cool tube reflectors seal the grow lamp in a tube, making the fixture a better choice for tight spaces.

Non-air cooled grow light hoods are open without a lens, directing heat outwards into the grow room so that it can vented out by the cooling system. Non-air cooled reflectors are inexpensive and come in three types:

  • Standard hood shaped fixtures can be used in any size garden, but will need supplemental light it being used in a large space.
  • Wing reflectors, also referred to as "bat wings," can be used for smaller gardens. These grow light reflectors can be placed closer to your plants and are a good choice for beginners.
  • Parabolic reflectors resemble an umbrella and can cover a wider area, making them a popular choice for supplemental lighting in greenhouses.

Double-ended grow light hoods are designed for use with double-ended HPS grow lamps only; reflectors come in air-cooled and non-air cooled versions. These fixtures generate more light than regular HPS grow lights, helping to increase crop yield during the flowering stage. While double-ended grow light reflectors can be used in any grow room, they generate a lot of heat will need to be mounted higher over your plants. These grow light hoods should only be used with double-ended HPS ballasts.

Hydrofarm Grow Light Reflectors

Choose between air cooled, double-ended, non-air cooled, and parabolic options. Hydrofarm reflectors are compatible with both magnetic and digital ballasts. Mounting accessories are also available.

Sunlight Supply Grow Light Reflectors

Maximize yields with Sunlight Supply reflectors, suitable for commercial and hobbyist use. We offer air cooled, double-ended, and non-air cooled options. We also carry several accessories including replacement cords and lamp sockets.

Allstate Garden Supply Grow Light Reflectors

Get more grow for less dough with Allstate Garden Supply reflectors. Pair with UltraGrow HID ballasts for best results. We offer air cooled and cool tube options.

Adjust-A-Wing Grow Light Reflectors

Adjust-A-Wings can be adjusted to wide or narrow settings to suit the light and heat requirements of plants at different growing stages. Combined with a Super Spreader, these fixtures will eliminate the possibility of hot spots and under-lit plants. Use only with specified HID lamps and ballast systems.

Indoor Grow Science Grow Light Reflectors

Indoor Grow Science reflectors are heavy-duty air-cooled reflectors built to extend the life of your HID bulb. Tempered glass cuts down on heat while the standard plug allows you to pair the reflector with your favorite ballast. Use only with specified HID lamps.

Tips to Remember

Keep your grow light reflectors clean of dust and dirt to ensure that light is continuing to reflect properly. Ballasts and grow lamps for these grow light hoods as sold separately. The cooling system for air-cooled reflectors must be kept separate from your regular ventilation system for your plants.

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