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Nutrients and Supplements

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Nutrients and Supplements


Years of research in plant nutrition have culminated in our internationally recognized CANNA plant products. We carry a wide range of Terra, Aqua, Coco, Bio, and Substra nutrients, with our most popular solutions being Coco A & B, Coco Media, Aqua Vega A & B, Aqua Flores A & B, Terra Vera & Flores, Terra Professional Plus Media, Cannazym, Rhizotonic, and Boost.

Advanced Nutrients

Optimize your blooms with potent blends by Advanced Nutrients. Our exceptional offers include Sensi Grow A & B, Sensi Bloom A & B, Connoisseur A & B, Big Bud, Overdrive, Bud Factor X, Voodoo Juice, Tarantula, Piranha, and Sensizym.

Heavy 16

Manufactured in California, Heavy 16 professional-grade nutrient blends are renowned by growers world-wide. We offer Veg A & B, Bud A & B, Roots, Foliar, Prime, Fire, and Finish options.

General Hydroponics

General Hydroponics is a leading innovator of high-quality plant nutrient solutions. We carry mixes including Flora Micro, Flora Grow, Flora Bloom, Flora Duo, CaliMagic, FloraNectar, Floralicious, and KoolBloom.

General Organics

An affiliate of General Hydroponics, General Organics offers premium vegan-based nutrients and supplements. Options include Bio Thrive Grow, Bio Thrive Bloom, Bio Bud, and CaMg+.


No matter what nutrients your plants require, Botanicare has the right solution for your garden's needs. We carry outstanding blends including Cal-Mag Plus, CNS17, Hydroguard, Sweet, Pure Blend Pro Grow, and Bloom.

Great White Premium Mycorrhizae

Available in 4, 8, and 32 oz. sizes, we have just the right amount of Great White Premium Mycorrhizae for your grow. Get the most out of your garden using this premium mycorrhizae powder.


The Hygrozyme enzyme formula stimulates plant roots and allows for increased nutrient absorption. Available in 500-milliliter to 20-liter bottles, you can grow bigger, stronger plants in any size garden.


Hand-crafted soil mixes by FoxFarm will help your plants produce bigger, stronger blooms. Popular mixes we offer include Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom, Open Sesame, Big Bloomz, and Cha Ching.

pH Up and pH Down

Our pH Up and pH Down mixes will ensure your soil maintains harmonious growing conditions. We offer wet and dry solutions from Technaflora and General Hydroponics.

Bloombastic and Rootbasic

Bloombastic is a bloom stimulator meant to be used in the last 4 to 6 weeks of plant growth. Rootbasic is a root stimulator meant to be used in the first 3 weeks of plant growth. With both Bloombastic and Rootbasic in your growing cycle, your garden will flourish with fast growing, densely flowered crops.


Committed to ecological awareness, BioBizz produces only organic, chemical-free products. Enhance all aspects of your garden naturally with our top-selling offers including Bio-Grow, Bio-Bloom, Root Juice, and Top Max.

Greenway Nutrients

Increase Grow and Increase Bloom by Greenway Nutrients are carbon-dioxide infused formulas that allow your plants to absorb nutrients in seconds. We offer both formulas in powder forms and foliar sprays.

Roots Organics

As the name suggests, Roots Organics nutrient solutions contain only high-quality, natural ingredients meant to stimulate root growth. Our options include Buddha Grow, Buddha Bloom, HP2 Liquid Bat Guano, and Trinity Catalyst.


Secure a bountiful garden using Humboldt innovative nutrient solutions. Popular offers include Humboldt Roots and Ionic PK.


Prime your plants for success with cutting-edge Grotek nutrients. Options include Final Flush, Blossom Blaster, and Monster Bloom.


Hydrodynamics has travelled the globe collecting top-notch ingredients guaranteed to maximize exceptional harvests. We offer dynamic formulas including Ionic Bloom, Ionic PK, and Ionic Grow.


Manufactured off the Norwegian coastline, Maxicrop formulas use liquefied seaweed to ensure your plants' proper nutrition. Popular offers include Original, Plus, Kelp Meal, and Fish formulas.


Originating in 1939, SuperThrive has been a staple supplier of hydroponic nutrients for 70+ years. We offer their tried-and-true Original Vitamin Solution in quantities ranging from 1 oz. to 1 gallon.

Sunleaves Bat Guano and Rockwool Formula

Bat guano is a potent source of phosphorous that encourages plant blooms and growth. Rockwool formula is designed to counter the natural pH of rockwool grow media and enhance overall vegetative growth. With products from our Sunleaves Bat Guano and Rockwool Formula section, you can boost your yields in any grow media. We offer Indonesian, Jamaican, and Mexican bat guano, as well as rockwool formula.


Composting is one of the best ways to amend soil or other grow media. Our selection of Growing Solutions tea catalysts introduces a unique blend of botanical ingredients designed to stimulate plant growth. We also offer compatible Growing Solutions compost tea systems to disperse the compost.

Budswel and Super Tea Mix

Budswel and Super Tea Mix are unique fertilizer blends made from bat guano, seabird guano, worm castings, seaweed, and other organic matter. While budswel stimulates fruit-bearing plants and flower production, super tea mix vitalizes root growth. Use both products together to ensure an optimal harvest.

Nutrilife SM-90

Nutrilife SM-90 keeps existing roots healthy and promotes the growth of new roots. Used as a foliar spray, this nutrient mix is available in 1-liter and 4-liter options.

Dutch Master

Gold Liquid Light by Dutch Master is a foliar nutrient spray that improves the way plants process light, giving them up to 60 percent more usable light. Available in 1-liter and 5-liter options.

Blue Lightning

Blue Lightning mystical plant spray by Hydrofarm is designed to increase plants' yield, growth, and strength. In addition to helping heal plant damage from fungus, insects, or cuttings, this spray also gives plants a maximum CO2 uptake and keeps plants healthy in high-stress conditions. This product is currently available in a 1-liter option.