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Nutrients and Supplements

Don't be fooled by generic fertilizers from big box stores. Our nutrients and fertilizers are specially formulated specifically for hydroponic systems, giving your grow exactly what it needs to succeed. Shop by brand to explore the different additives and feed recommendations of the most trusted names in hydroponic fertilization. Or shop by category to compare similar products from across the board.

Root Boost

Healthy roots equal a healthy plant. Whether you are sprouting seedlings or cloning cuttings, get off to a good start with these root stimulators. These products are designed, tested and proven to aid in healthy root growth and volume.

Vegetative Stage

The first few weeks of growth are crucial to the success of your crop. Typically higher in nitrogen and/or potassium to stimulate foliar and root growth, these solutions are generally gentle enough for seedlings and strong enough to carry you through start to finish. Use these as a strong foundation for all other additives. See our selection of both traditional and organic nutrients.

Fruiting and Flowering Stage

As your plants mature, their needs change. Provide them with the extra phosphorus they want for high yield fruiting and intense blooms. Use in conjunction with vegetative solutions and mineral supplements for added strength and beauty. Finish strong with our customizable combos and value packs.


Make your hydroponic system come alive with microbial inoculants! These microscopic organisms are your plants' best friends. Creating a healthy relationship between your root zone and the growing media, as well as helping with nutrient and water absorption, microbial solutions can be used in soilless systems and in your backyard garden!

Mineral Supplements

Silica, magnesium and calcium help your plant for strong cells and fight stress like excess heat or disease. Humic acids and other organic supplements enhance the flavor and quality of your crop. Try out our collection of natural solutions for rich flavors and sweet success.

Seedling Safe

Some supplements have higher concentrations of nutrients that can cause issues for seedlings. We've collected a full selection of nutrients that, if used properly, will help young tender plants reach their full potential with nutrient burn. See our recommended list and feel confident about what you put into your plants.

Not sure where to start? Give us a call. Our on-staff hydroponics expert can help walk you through picking the right nutrients, grow lights, hydroponic systems, and other supplies for your budget and skill level.