Heavy 16 Nutrients

Heavy 16 Nutrients

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Heavy 16

Veg A/B

Heavy 16 Veg A/B is a two-part vegetative solution rich organic minerals and micronutrients that promote strong, healthy plants. Although sold separately, Veg A and Veg B must be used in conjunction to achieve results.

Bud A/B

A two-part bloom solution, Bud A/B contain professional-grade ingredients that boost flower development and increase yields. Bud A and Bud B must be used in conjunction to achieve results.


Roots is an all-around root enhancer designed to promote root health and growth. It can be used during plants' clone, growth, and bloom phases. For best results, Roots must be added to your reservoir before all other additives in your nutrient regimen.


Heavy 16's Foliar is a foliar spray that offers full spectrum plant nutrition and protection. It increases plants' rate of photosynthesis, provides environmental protection from extreme temperatures, and is fine to use with pest control products, organic oils, and teas.


Prime is a beneficial microbial feed that unleashes a garden's full potential, enhancing scents, flavors, sugars, and essential oils. It is designed for use during all stages of the grow cycle, from vegetation to bloom.


Fire is bloom enhancer intended for use in the final weeks of the vegetative stage to promote pre-bloom stimulation, ensuring thicker, more resilient roots and lush foliage. It can easily be incorporated into any existing plant nutrient program.


Finish is a final media flush that cleanses soil from sub-par nutrient regimens while encouraging your plant to produce heavy aromas, colors, and oils. It is designed for the use in the last week of the plant's flowering phase.