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General Organics Nutrients

General Organics - Go Box Starter Kit - Organic Nutrient Solutions - General Hydroponics GH5100
  • Brand: General Hydroponics
  • MPN (Part No.): GH5100
  • Safety Rating: N/A
  • Use With: Hydroponic Systems
  • Length: 9 in.

  • Height: 7 in.
  • Width: 6 in.
  • Weight: 7.4 lb.
  • Case Quantity: 1
$44.45 ea.


General Organics Nutrients

You might not be blessed with the green thumb, but with General Organics nutrients from, you can fool everyone into thinking you are. General Organics offers a large selection of nutrients and supplements that will protect plants and encourage growth. Stimulate root growth to give your garden a strong start by using BioRoot. Be sure to use it in all stages of plant growth for the best results. Enjoy healthier plants, flowers and fruit with BioThrive, which is designed for every type of plant. If you want to yield more crop, try the Diamond Black hydroponic plant nutrient solution. No matter the plant or growth stage, there is a nutrient to match.