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Scent Diffusers

Ona Odor Control

With, odor is a thing of the past. We offer the best selection of Ona dispensers, liquid, gels and blocks to get your space smelling fresher. Each dispenser clearly indicates which odor neutralizer it needs to be used with in order to work properly and get the best results. Dispensers use between 10 and 200 watts, and liquid, gels and blocks are available in volumes from six ounces to 7.5 gallons. Discover the best deals on the largest assortment of odor-control systems. offers you the customer service you need in order to experience cleaner-smelling air today.

The Neutralizer brings you the odor control you need! The Neutralizer Odor Eliminator Kit uses a proprietary blend of essential oils to naturally and effectively control odor for up to 6 weeks. The Neutralizer is only a few inches in size, but can cover over 13,000 cubic feet. Buy the hypoallergenic oil replacement cartridges and see just how easy to use the The Neutralizer is.