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Sun Hut


Blackout from Sunlight Supply utilizes 210D light tight material and 19mm galvanized steel frame to create a durable yet easy to assemble grow tent. With a dual sock ports for ventilation and power cords and multiple door access on the larger models, the Blackout grow tent provides a superior seal without restricting access to your plants. Other features include a removable Mylar floor liner and clear viewing windows with velcro panels. The Blackout line boasts the widest range of grow tent sizes and configurations.


For durability and quality, it's hard to beat the Fortress, Sunlight Supply's new line of premium grow tents. The Fortress includes all the features of a Blackout tent and then some. Utilizing 22 mm galvanized steel, the Fortress can hold more weight (in lights, ballasts, fans, filters, etc.) and the 1680D light tight material is up to 9 times thicker than other popular tents, ensuring excellent insulation. Irrigation ports near the base allow the reservoir to be positioned outside the tent while new rubberized flooring helps prevent leaks up to 5 ½" deep.