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Compact Fluorescent Reflectors has all your hydroponic grow light needs covered with this tried and true selection of compact fluorescent reflectors. Compact fluorescent grow light reflectors include integrated ballasts and offer more energy-efficient options than standard HID grow light reflectors. We offer options from trusted brands such as HydroFarm and Sunlight Supply along with a healthy array of sockets, and other accessories.

Hood Style CFL Reflectors

Hood style compact fluorescent reflectors are designed for maximum reflective efficiency. High-quality aluminum and durable powder coating make these reflectors long-lasting and suitable for use in greenhouses or the home.

Wing Style

Our wing style compact fluorescent reflectors operate higher watt CFLs with cooling in mind. Horizontal operating positions are supported by sturdy steel construction and powder coating for supreme reflectivity.

Accessories and Sockets

Our selection of Accessories and Sockets include hanging systems and cord sets.