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Hydroponic Supplies

Hydroponic Supplies at

Grow lights are just one of many hydroponic supplies and hydroponic systems we offer. At, we have the hydroponic supplies and accessories you need at the prices you want. From fluorescent and HID grow lamps, to dimmable ballasts, reflectors, supplements and nutrients, we have everything hydroponic or organic you need, whether you're a casual gardener or an indoor gardening enthusiast!

Please note that all hydroponic products must be shipped to the billing address of the credit card at the time of purchase.

Grow Lights and Hydroponic supplies are sold as final sale and are not eligible for return. Please allow an Account Manager to assist you in this kind of purchase in order to assure yourself that you are receiving the correct product. Call 1-800-624-4488 to get started.

Grow Lights

Our Grow Lights are designed to imitate sunlight and stimulate plant growth. Our collection includes metal halide grow bulbs, high pressure sodium grow bulbs, dual arc grow bulbs, conversion bulbs, T5 and T8 fluorescent grow tubes, compact fluorescent grow bulbs, incandescent grow bulbs, and compact fluorescent 6500K T8 veg bulbs.

All-In-One Light Systems

We know it can be a chore matching the right ballast with the right reflector and light bulb. That's why we offer these All-In-One Light Systems. Intended for HID systems, we offer options from Hydrofarm and Sunlight Supply, as well as all-in-one system accessories and lenses.

HID Digital and Magnetic Ballasts

Keep your HID grow lights running smoothly with a compatible ballast from our HID Digital and Magnetic Ballasts section. Our collection provides options from Hydrofarm, Sunight Supply, Nanolux and UltraGrow.

T5 Grow Light Fixtures

Designed to operate with corresponding T5 fluorescent bulbs and ballast systems, our T5 Reflectors are guaranteed to disperse light evenly onto your plants. We have a variety of high output fluorescent fixture lamps. We also offer jump start with stand fixtures to suspend the T5 lamps over your plants, as well as other T5 accessories.

HID Reflectors

Designed to operate with corresponding HID bulbs and ballast systems, our HID Reflectors are guaranteed to disperse light evenly onto your plants. We offer double ended, Hydrofarm, Sunlight Supply, UltraGrow, and Adjust-A-Wing reflectors. Flip flop boxes are also offered.

Environmental and Odor Control

Plants in a hydroponic garden require certain environmental conditions to thrive. They also have a tendency to give off powerful odors. With products from our Environmental and Odor Control section, you can be in control of both variables. We offer products such as fans, dehumidifiers, CO2 boost, environmental controllers, and an array of odor control filters.

Hydroponic Systems, Parts, and Supplies

Our Hydroponic Systems, Parts, and Supplies section has everything you need to complete your hydroponic system. From replacement parts for your existing system to completely new systems using ebb-and-flow, drip, DWC, and aeroponic technologies, we have all the materials you need to get your hydroponic garden started.

Nutrients and Supplements

Any choice from our collection of Nutrients and Supplements will keep your plants strong and healthy. We offer options divided by suppliers such as Heavy 16, Advanced Nutrients, General Organics, CANNA, Hygrozme, FoxFarm, and BioBizz, as well as options divided by nutrient or method of supplying nutrients, such as budswel and super tea mix or composting.

Soil and Growing Media

Rockwool, Soil, Coco, Rocks, Soilless Mix, and Growstones are called grow mediums, or substances you can grow plants in, for hydroponic systems. Choosing the right grow medium for your indoor garden is essential to create an ideal environment for root systems and ensuring healthy, thriving plants.

Netcups, Pots and Saucers

Netcups, Bucket Baskets, Fabric Pots, Plastic Pots and Saucers are essentially containers that hold plants' roots, like ceramic pots used in a standard garden.

Grow Tents

Having a hard time finding just the right space for your grow? Our Grow Tents are the perfect solution. Allowing you to customize your gardening environment to suit any grow project, our tents come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. We offer tents from Gorilla, HydroHut, GrowLab Horticultural, and Sun Hut, as well as an assortment of grow tent accessories.

Garden and Growing Accessories

Our Garden and Growing Accessories section has everything you need to tend your hydroponic garden. Popular choices from this collection include measuring cups/syringes, LED microscopes, moisture probes, spray bottles, light meters, and power strips.

Plant Propagation and Cloning Supplies

Our Plant Propagation and Cloning Supplies will make multiplying crops a cinch. We offer a variety of products including gels and solutions, cloning and seedling media, EZ cloning machines and botanicare cloning machines, as well as other miscellaneous cloning supplies.